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March 2018

Dearest eNews reader,

I was a young teenager when my Dad began organizing public programmes at our home where everyone could come and receive a personal message from Master Morya. I also regularly attended these programmes to receive a message, which was sometimes very short - the shortest one was only a sentence or two. I typed out every message I received and kept them in a folder, an invaluable collection that today, more than twenty years later, is still very precious and useful to me. The very first books were published by my Mum and sold at the entrance. In the hallway or on the staircase, people making their way to the public room would sometimes ask me whether or not I also read those books and when I (...) Want to read more? Please subscribe to read the rest of this newsletter!

Inspiration for the full moon of 31st March 2018

Unity always brings power. When you begin to live from within yourself, and if you want to move ahead with your life, you should try to see the accordance of thought, idea and energy as something that can bring you further. What does this mean? It means that you toss up certain ideas, and keep tossing them up until you can see them; and ‘seeing’ means discovering their power.  When you have a certain thought, there is a certain idea concealed within that thought.  A thought is, in fact, something carried by an idea, and that particular idea behind the thought, carrying it, is able to mobilise a power.

When, for instance, you have a thought about a certain someone or something, that thought will cause you to have a feeling, (...) Want to read more? Please subscribe to read the rest of this newsletter!



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