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May 2018

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Earlier this month it had already been a while that I'd been fretting about an administrative misunderstanding that will probably cause us to lose my sister Laura's care budget after next month. Because of my many attempts to correct the injustice, I had become so focused on this problem that éverything had started to feel like a problem. In his books, when Master Morya talks about problems he regularly warns us about the trap I was finding myself snared in - I had become overly serious about everything and this state of affairs had turned me into a catty and disgruntled person. 

Until when at some point I was (...) Want to read more? Please subscribe to read the rest of this newsletter!

Inspiration for the full moon of 29th May 2018

When you begin to do things for another out of love, you will experience yourself becoming a different person.

Venturing to becoming himself or herself and daring to do things that are important is man’s great urge. But many things get in the way of this such as the elements of fear and anxiety. The element of the material plays a part too, as does the mirroring element. So does rest, when it is seen as an achievement. Man will say to himself, “When I rest, I’m doing something that’s good for myself,” and so rest becomes an achievement. But rest is not an achievement. Rest is something that follows a tension. (...) Want to read more? Please subscribe to read the rest of this newsletter!



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