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November 2017

Dearest eNews reader,

Recently, Mum and I were once again singing the praises of our sweet Laura (my younger sister). She'll be 27 next month and although her care takes up a lot of time and so sometimes keeps us from our work for Master Morya's mission, she's also taught and brought us some of the most valuable things in life. Not only has she taught us to be patient and flexible but also, for instance, about how to let go of expectations. 

When I was still very young she had already shown me how to master my will. Master Morya writes** that one should keep one's will in oneself, but early on, she had me experience why.(...) Want to read more? Please subscribe to read the rest of this newsletter!

Inspiration for the full moon of 4th November 2017

Master Morya,

The security of life cannot be found in materialism but lies in what is inspiriting. If a person sees that his life is inspirited, he will have a great security in life. The more inspirited a person is – the more he is touched by his soul and the more he is connected to his soul – the more assured he will feel in all kinds of circumstances. Whether this be in traveling, in investments or in any other possible facet of life; when the soul is present, he will feel what he can or cannot do. It is in this way that he will be able to find his own security. (...) Want to read more? Please subscribe to read the rest of this newsletter!



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