Morya Wisdom 1: A deeper sense of life

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Wisdom 1

Morya Wisdom 1:
A deeper sense of life

Geert Crevits

Second edition, 2012
192 pages. - softcover 
ISBN 978-90-75702-23-1

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Wisdom 1

Master Morya says,
"If you have a goal in life, a very worthwhile goal, then every action, even the smallest, is saturated with this energy. So it is that a single action of one person may be great and profound, even symbolic, his or her action may even be of great importance for the world, whereas another person indulges in a thousand and one actions that have little or no importance at all because his or her goal has little or no power."

Morya Wisdom 1 is a book with so many interesting insights that you can take it up again and again. The more you read this book, the more you can extract from it and the more surprised you will be about the absolute wealth of information contained in its words. A real foundation, a must have for every spiritual seeker and also for everyone wanting to experience spirituality with relationships.

This first book discusses many important issues in a person’s life, such as: action and reflection, changes here on earth, the divine hierarchy in your life, solitude and relationships in Western society, the power in yourself, powers in society, love and sexuality (this is the only book in which Master Morya talks about sexuality), love and consciousness, power and form, the way of loving, the Master’s intention.  Read some excerpts below and under "What does MM say about..."

Extracts from Morya Wisdom 1: A deeper sense of life

symboolA reaction is not an action

Actions are born out of a state of balance. When you are out of balance there can be no action. Then there is only a certain reaction but that is not a real action. An action can only take place when you are well balanced, when you are quiet, when you are reflecting on things, when you are in harmony with yourself. Then you are truly acting; you are carrying out a conscious deed.

Many people may well be living and yet they never really act. They are not really giving their attention to what they are doing. They live automatically and they react to things, but this is not real action.

So you can see that there are various elements in you that clash with each other and so create chaos. The result is that you react to this and that but you never take a real action.

symboolReflect upon your goal

Take the time to look at yourself and your life’s goal. If you can perceive this goal, you will realize that taking actions, taking conscious actions that serve your goal, becomes easier and easier. For this you need a clear mind. You have to think, but your thoughts should be in relation to your goal.

First, think carefully about what it is that you really want to do with your life. By doing this, certain ideas about your life will become clear in your mind. One idea is different from the other and in this sense, what you think is important. Nevertheless, in the end, the action always remains the most important thing. By acting you express the idea and you create your own reality.

symboolAction taken from inner power brings joy

Every power you know and every power you love is a power that vibrates through you and that brings you to where you should be; every power, and by this I mean – for I often use this word – what you feel inside yourself as something that allows you to act. A power is something that is within you and it is something you can use. It is what entices you to action and what drives you to new horizons or, you could also say, new actions. And once you begin so acting you will suddenly realize that it gives you more joy – because acting from an inner power brings joy. If you are able to see the power concealed in each action, then you can already see the joy.

symboolBecoming psychologically healthy

There is another power, a psychological power, you could call it a psychic health power, at work in every individual. This is a power that bears within itself and brings forth a unity. If you can see this you will discover that one person’s psyche is not the same as another’s.

There are people that live in a state of disunity and are unable to find the oneness in themselves. These people have less psychological power than those who have found this unity. So you must try to find one specific, central, grand idea in your life and arrange all the other ideas around it. There should be within you a kind of centre of energy, a psychological, psychic centre where you can feel and touch the depth of life. When this happens, when this great goal of which I spoke earlier is present, when you have this great goal within your sight, then it is easier to find your equilibrium.

symboolTo discover the self, be silent, so silent that the subtle begins to vibrate

Even though ultimately the self is the only thing that will remain, it is, nevertheless, that which hides itself in many all things. It is difficult to get near, because to be oneself one must be able to find the many qualities of this self. The self that contains all these qualities rarely lets itself be seen, for it hides under a myriad of things that are not itself. This only serves to show that so many things such as bodies, clothes, play-acting and disguises lie on the way to the self. So all kinds of obstacles can be found on the path to the self.

Searching for oneself implies, again, that we come to silence. For if we want this self to surface then we must be still, so still that the subtle begins to vibrate. When we make a sound then the subtle cannot be heard. If a glass is tapped with a knife while a tractor engine is running, we won’t be able to hear it. The fact is that people are often so busy that they don’t feel the subtle in themselves, they can’t become aware of it, can’t hear or notice it. Then they can’t find the self. The self belongs to the subtle worlds and this world is not subtle. This world has a sound, a rhythm, a pressure. It moves and does so many things that go against the self.

symboolIf you want to reach God

In essence love brings an energy from the Divine. But a divine love is a different love from a love that is human. In every kind of love, whether it be sexuality, neighbourly love or divine love, in every kind of love there is Divinity. You can learn to understand Divinity through sexuality, but sexuality is not to be confused with Divinity. It does not mean that because you are occupied with sexuality you are occupied with God. There is a difference. Life is filled with divinity and reveals it at times. If you want to reach God, you cannot do this through sexuality. There is a difference. You should see that sexuality has divinity in it but know that you cannot experience God through sexuality. Sexuality is another level entirely and yet still it has divinity in it.

symboolLove at first sight

And here is where I began, saying that love means that you must be able to see the other. This doesn’t mean that the light need be on. No, but you should be inwardly present with the other, so to speak. You should be able to see the other, in other words to notice the other, let him be himself, ask who he is, study him, observe and keep your attention on him for a long time. So love at first sight is almost impossible, I would say, because though it may well involve a 'being in love', but love, on the other hand, calls for an enormous amount of knowledge. Love calls for an intuition which may be instantaneous, but that also invites you to go further with the other. Love has patience, love knows where to go, love carries a knowledge and love is brought out by the other. If there were no other, love would not exist.

symboolLiving from the mind

There are thousands of ways of living. There are no two people with the same life and the same experiences and no two days in anyone’s life are alike. And this is just what makes it exciting, the fact that when you dare to approach life it doesn’t become dull and boring but instead it becomes ever more beautiful and more interesting.

You can’t imagine this by thinking about it because the mind is like a collector, always nibbling and eating, always wanting something to figure out. It wants to catalogue everything and stay on top of things and it wants to be constantly busy, making comparisons and putting things in order. That mind will often want to grasp hold of life and take its place. The mind will always have an explanation ready such as, “Yes, this and that happened but actually it is like this”, which is completely wrong.

Often life itself has both the question and answer that the mind does not know and cannot know. If you are not careful, you will begin to live according to the dictates of your mind and then your life can go wrong because, rational as you are, you will want to arrange things beforehand and they won’t always work out according to plan. And in sexuality, wanting to keep things under control with your mind is the worst possible thing because then there is no sexuality. That is to say, there may well be a sexual happening but it is not what it should be. It will be disappointing, even destructive.

symboolEncounter God

For love can always grow to be more complete, more beautiful, more magnificent and nobler. I cannot find the words to describe all that love encompasses.

This is the reason why when you are in the presence of a divine being you are touched in the most profound depths of your being, because you feel that there all the oppositeng powers have come to a synthesis, a synthesis that is so very deep that you can’t reach it. The big question then becomes: “What happens to me when I am face to face with someone who is truly loving?” This can affect your life so much that you don’t understand who you are anymore unless you adjust yourself to this other form of love that you have tasted, have seen and touched. Because of this experience you will find yourself embarking on a quest: “How can I experience this again in my life and how can I hold on to it?”

When an individual dares to live with God, with the Divine, when he makes an effort to get in touch with divinity, he will at a certain moment, in a fraction of a second, have an experience of what real love is, of what the great contrasts of life are, so that afterwards he will search and search and search to be able to experience this again.

symboolThe Age of Aquarius

You will notice women becoming more woman and in different ways and men will become more man in different ways. The Age of Aquarius is causing the relationship between people, between men and women, to change, to become more defined and much more harmonious too. The polarities will come to a greater expression and therefore harmony will increase. As a consequence love will be different. It will bear and reveal new energies and will create a new understanding of what it is for example to be together as men and women. Much more will be possible than before. This being together will enable the polarities that are present to make a greater impression upon others, causing much more to happen in life and causing life to go at a much faster pace.

symboolLearn to live with the Divine

When you understand yourself, you will find that you understand more about people and that you must let them go, let them be themselves whatever their miseries may be, but know that you can let your own life be an example for them of how it can be. And that is a greater good, a much greater good. You will continually experience that when you are loving to others you must, first of all, allow love to express itself in your own being. From within you should learn to live with what love is, learn to live with the infinite, with the Divine in your own life.

If you can learn to live from the Divine you will easily be able to understand thoroughly the polarities and even to transcend them. For you shall experience this energy that reveals itself and brings the light that is necessary for life. For in love is a light of life which you cannot know if you stand outside it. Very peculiar, but that’s how it is. Without love you don’t know what life is.

symboolHow can I save energy?

Truly, this is the whole endeavour of all mankind. All inventions have to do with saving time: computers, jet planes, radios, telephones. Everything involves making it clear to man what time is, how he can deal with his energy and how everything can always be done more quickly and simply. So it is that really all inventions have to do with love. “How can I save energy?” “How can I deal with energy and how can I do it in the simplest and most powerful way?” This is the way you should deal with your own work. There is in you a kind of constant urge to go further, to live more clearly and also to involve the ‘how’ in your existence so that you clearly see, “Look, this is possible but this isn’t.” If something causes you to lose too much time, drop it. Don’t say “Oh, but it’s kind of interesting”. No, just let it go and do something you like, something which you can do in a very short amount of time.

symboolTime is God

You should always try to organize yourself so that you can do things for the first time. You should take time out to say, “I’ll pick some new flowers from the garden or I’ll do new things in my own way. I’ll get something new which I can investigate and examine and maybe take apart.” You can try to do it like this: discover new books, meet new people, learn the names of new birds and so on and on. You can learn everything and anything and it is very important that you do so, but don’t lose track of time. Look to see what is easy and what isn’t and how you can gain time. There is a saying, ‘Time is God’ and this is very true indeed.

© Geert Crevits

Chapters and titles in this book:

1 - Action and reflection 

Think about what you are doing   
Actions are repeated        
A reaction is not an action             
What you do makes your life          
Take your environment into consideration 
An action can bcome important     
Reflect upon your goal    
Don’t get stuck in ideas   
Do you sometimes ask yourself questions?  
Be aware of your inner world        
Reflect regularly upon your actions             
Automatic actions and purposeful actions
What are you doing for others?     
Whatever you do requires energy  
Action is karma  
Introduce new things into your life              
Rest is a different kind of action    
Discovering your inner power       
People are always entangled in external actions     
Bringing your actions into alignment          
The danger of the split between inner and outer       
Search for balance           
When something goes wrong          
Look at the polarities       
Solutions can be painful 
You come to consciousness between the polarities   

Question: Is it useful to have one single goal?
A fir tree with its innumerable branches     
I have wasted so much time!           

Question: What if you know your goal but you don’t know how to reach it?
A real goal          

2 - Changes here on Earth 

Everything is in motion    
You cannot grasp life       
Let go, yet be attentive     
Understanding leads to progress  
Can I find rest?  
Motion within rest            
Motion within yourself    
Learn to play with everything        
Be satisfied with what you understand        
A big upheaval   
The great thoughts of the world    
Young people are being swept in an upsurge            
Try to understand the coherence   
A greater goal in your life              
Open yourself to growth  
An easier way of living    
A greater beauty is coming to Earth             

3 - The divine Hierarchy in your life 

You will receive all the support you need   
Trust is a learning process              
We call out to you             
When love is discovered in life      

Question: When you are working on yourself, may you seek help from someone else?
Meeting the right people 
The Earth is built on solidarity      
The law of this world        

4 - Solitude and relationships in Western society

Each individual has a special value            
People who are lonely     
Human love         
People don’t dare to be friends     
A relationship is always difficult  
First become yourself       

5 - Power in yourself

Action taken from inner power brings joy   
You can feel power in yourself       
Learn to differentiate between the different things that          
compel you to action        
You must look within        
The more beautiful the action, the greater the joy    
Have faith in yourself       
The compass in your life  
A few months’ work           
Life has a rhythm               
You need not always use power     
You have infinite potential within yourself
The moment of the will     
Life brings challenges      
Who am I?           
The purpose is to learn    
God’s providence              

6 - Powers in society

Looking around you         
The correct view of money              
A capitalist system            
Fair play             
Becoming psychologically healthy               
The true practice of medicine         
People who have an ideal are healthier      
A specific centre with a specific goal           
People don’t dare to live 
Looking at art    

7 - The Master and the power

The human material          
As in the parable               
More peace in yourself    
Love has two poles            
Which shall I choose        
Your freedom is here         

8 - Love and sexuality (1)

Being yourself within love              
Many people don’t look at the other            
To carry the self 
To discover the self, be silent, so silent that the         
subtle begins to vibrate   
The self and the inner mirror          
How can I turn my attention to myself          
Do I dare to be myself?    
Eventually the self will speak         
The birth of love in yourself           
The stage that is this world             
As long as the human being doesn’t know love …    
From the exterior sphere to the inner sphere             
It takes two to cover this distance 
Sexuality is rhythm           
For the sake of fertility    
If you want to reach God 
Due to a misunderstanding             
Inspired by animal life     
Sexuality in the best manner          
The power of love              
Beginning with sexuality 

9 - About love and sexuality (2)

Love can be perfect           
Love at first sight              
The difference between being in love and love          
Love enlightens  
What people claim love to be         
The way to real love         
A sexual experience out of love     
Sex is not complete in one, two, three          
All the opposites lie in love            
A relationship with a future           
The gap between individuals         
The self stands outside the circle   
A totally different experience         
Living from the mind        
Setting your mind aside   
Life is more than you can think      
The harmony between the two        
The most sensitive matter between people   
Entering the Divine together          

Question: Are feelings different from love?
Love transcends feelings 
You must get to know your feelings              
Just like the world of dreams          
Always hope to find a deeper sense in your life         
The dominant role             
Difficult to speak about   
How do I become myself   

9b - Some more questions 

Question: Master Morya is able to talk to us but why is it that we can’t hear Him?
The expectations of the Hierarchy

Question: What should our position be in elections?
Young parties are often well-intentioned    
What is really important for people?           

Question: I read about a man in America ...  
Real knowledge and academic knowledge 

10 - More about love

The connection between God and mankind is love                   
The Divine in your life     
Vehicles of love  
Making war out of love    
Does this come from the Divine or not?       
Love makes humankind divine       
Love can mingle with everything   
The synthetic power of everything
This, as they say, is the light           
Evil is easy to perceive     
Evil is always a loss          
As soon as you reach a higher level             
Something beyond the body           
A shadow of love               
Evil says, “I want to stop here”     
The spiral of violence       
Love always offers solutions          
Accepting the contrasts   
The mystery of love           
Encounter God   

11 - Love and consciousness

The most wretched thing a person can think              
A chain of consciousness 
Consciousness is infinite 
And then a gate is opened               
Only in concentration      
Consciousness is much more than ideas      
A sequence of experience
Breaking through the mirror          
Another pole in your own life        
This is the opposite of what man usually does           

12 - Power and form

The best moments of your life         
Love is concerned with the greater good    
Rest is something which follows tension     
Pushing the polarities to the extreme           
The profound depths begin to speak            
In certain places in the world        
The age of Aquarius         
A worn-out kind of gathering         
When two people live from the soul              
Discovering even greater powers  
The time to commit suicide              
Many people in great need             
Learn to live with the Divine          
To work with matter out of love     
Those who think they must go on thinking  
A totally new experience 
Fascinating, thrilling, interesting 
Over the course of a couple of thousand years          

13 - The way of loving

Reflect before you begin  
Because it must be done   
“Raking is just raking”    
The landing-site 
An experience of unity     
A different life    
The power of your existence           
Conflict with nature         
Becoming very alert to everything                
Mankind’s own contribution to this Earth  
A pivot on this Earth        
The moment of choice       
Working out of love          
Searching for the shortest way      
How can I save energy?   
Learning to live in a simple way    
Be flexible           
Time is God         

14 - The Master’s intention

Morya Wisdom 1

Morya Wisdom 1: A deeper sense of life
192 pages. - softcover - 14 EUR / 45 PLN / 17 USD / 10.5 GBP
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