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June 2022

Dearest eNews reader,

'The great force is there to guide you and you should know that.' Maybe we know it but don't really believe it. Maybe we believe it but don't trust ourselves to do the right thing. Maybe we know what to do, but lack the time or courage to do it. (...) Read the full newsletter of June 2022

Meditation for the full moon of 14th June 2022:

Master Morya,

You don’t need to know how it will turn out. You don’t have to ruminate over every this, that and the other before deciding to take a step in life. It’s enough just to know that it’s good and that it could be good; you should be able to take steps of which you know: ‘look, now this is important and later, we’ll see.’

You should know that evolution always comes with jolts, also in your own life. When you give yourself a certain impulse, saying: ‘Now, I have to do this,’ the important thing is that you do it, because then you will bring about a kind of impact in your life. And then you know: ‘I’m taking a step and crossing a threshold.’ (...) Read the full newsletter of June 2022


Mayil Publishing House


"Our publishing house was founded 25 years ago and the contact with Master Morya celebrated a 35-year jubilee at the end of November 2020. Such a beautiful road we have traveled but, at the same time, we know that so much more still lies ahead, waiting to be accomplished. Thankfully, we have the confidence that Master Morya stands by us and is there to help us with each step we take and that the Divine has a great deal of patience and will, at the right moment, let those things happen that are allowed to happen.

Master Morya is a Master who always carries out his work for the earth and humanity with gentleness and discretion but, even so, you can perceive and experience His active presence in your life." (from the Mayil newsletter of December 2020)

"God lives in your heart" and "Trust in yourself"
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