September 2007

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If you ask me, Master Morya changed His tune. It’s like He uses less words, like He is raising the level, indicating the essence and leaving us to take it or leave it. I rather like it, in this time of too many mails full of advice and annoyance.

Master Morya says you can find Him in your own heart. When you search deep inside, you can meet Him and ask Him to help you carry the small burden of your life. Then be prepared to part with your burden, don’t hold on to your worries because it makes you feel bigger. Humility leads to... grace. e-regards from Lydia


Master Morya says,

“The power in the heart of people is very special, and it is good to realise this. When you live in love, with plants, with animals, with people around you, then you will stand in life in an unimaginably important way.

It is good to do important things in every day’s simplicity, things that you consider important. But extremely important is having the connection with the Divine in your heart, because then there is a light that comes in whatever you do.

Try to find calm in your existence. Live in the quiet of your heart and do things that are important in a simple way, so that you know: this is really me. It is not so much that you have to take up a position towards others, a position which you then would have to defend, but rather you have to allow yourself to be yourself; and to come into a direct development, a sense of: this is what I really want. Because then, you progress in a good way.

When people are difficult, when they are cheeky or say things that are impossible, when they jeer at you or speak ill of you, or when they are jealous, don’t oppose it, but live your own life. It is good to do things in a special way, that you feel: this is really me!

Try to understand that your heart is in an equilibrium, and that important things can happen. It is not good to quarrel about little things and trifles. But it is important to stand in life in a correct way and by doing so, to draw force from yourself. When things are clear in the honesty of your heart, make them even more clear. Eventually, the others will understand you, even though it may take a while. But in the meantime, you are living in the grace of God, and you know that joy is yours.

Good things will come into your life when you try to go forward in your spiritual life in a calm and objective way. When you give strength to the things that matter to you, you are allowing others to do the same. Master Morya.

(full moon 28th August 2007) © Geert Crevits



A new Dutch book will be released in October (Morya Wisdom 8, called ‘standing in the centre of your life’, see image), along with two reprints (Morya Wisdom 1 and 4).


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