Full moon 20th April 2008

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Whenever there is one of Master Morya’s texts which I don’t immediately understand, when it stumbles and hitches and when it plods along with difficulty and it is nevertheless impossible for me to change even a word, like this text below which ends its journey in love and strength, then my first and foremost concern is about the readers, those people who perhaps feel guilty about the situations around them, but don’t dare to fight because they want to be polite and nice. But Morya’s readers penetrate deeply into the sentences and find the words that resonate in their hearts – that is the Master’s sign…
Worries, grief, feelings… RISING ABOVE… joy, balance… in other words, if you don’t do anything to get ahead and settle things, then your luck will run away, and it won’t enter your house. eRegards from Lydia

Full moon meditation 20th April 2008

Master Morya,
"The things which you carry in your concerns, are also important. You shouldn’t only look at the beautiful things in life – you can also look at your worries, the worries you have about others. And then don’t live in grief, but make something of your life, so that your worries become clear and that you can share them with others, but in a way that the others get benefit from their life. Because, when you increasingly determine your own life, with your worries, with your grief, with everything, you can still rise above those feelings. It is important to stand in life in a deep way and not to drown in your grief or in worries, but to share them with each other in a way in which you know that there is also joy involved, because you are growing stronger. You can progress in every direction of your life, also by fighting the impossibilities. Because nothing is impossible for people who live in their heart, for they are standing in the force of the Divine and they know they can share their life in a good way, and they can live with a real, true, deep love. When you try this in your actual, daily circumstances, you will indeed become stronger and grow into a state of balance. It is important to be calm in your life to see those things which are difficult. And when you are able to do this, your heart will open up to more. It is very important that you strive for that balance, that you are calm in all situations, that you achieve things that are important to you, and that you share those with others. And it is good that certain things are brought about in an important way, where you know ‘before, I wasn’t capable of this, but now I am’. Every progress is very important, not only for you, but also for others. Therefore, never be pessimistic. Master Morya."
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