August 2008


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Below you will find Master Morya’s reflection for the coming full moon. Enjoy the wise words, the energy, the consolation and the stimulation in it. eRegards from Lydia


Full moon meditation 16th August 2008

Master Morya,

“The concerns in your heart can be very important. Often, it is best to place the things before you calmly and not feel as if you are burdened by unbearable obligations. But when you feel inside ‘this is the path I want to go’, then you will be able to slowly let go of a certain restlessness in your life, to make things clear to yourself and to feel what these concretely mean to you.

It is very important to learn to go your own way, not so much dependent on what others want, not relying on every word ever spoken by someone, but from a clearness in your heart, “what is my life? What is the purpose of my life? What are the steps I want to take in my existence? What is the amount of responsibility that I can shoulder today? Maybe it is too difficult to deal with certain things? Or maybe I can simplify certain things until they are bearable for me and until I can – at least partly – shoulder burdens of others because I feel that certain other people are at a loss and don’t have the possibility to develop themselves.”

In that sense you have to try to take up a broad position, make sound work of your own life, make your life into something good, and then from what you want, come into a kind of feeling about the things that can matter to the world. They needn’t be great things, it’s mainly what mentality is prevalent in your life which is important: that you feel that you can be busy with good things and that you can effectively do something about it.

But when you are confronted with other people’s difficulties, first examine whether they themselves could do something about it, and then you can perhaps give them some advice to stimulate them to get into their own life, to go forward in their own life. When, due to circumstances, they are unable to do something about certain things that matter, you can become of help for them in a calm way. It is very important not to do too much, but to act out of love and especially to open up to the good things in life, so that you learn from the goodness of life and can pass that goodness on to others and can apply this goodness of life, possibly together with others as well.

It is important to have the courage to be specific in your own life, to be calm when things are difficult, and to try and bring things forward in a correct way.

Innerly, it is good to open up to the Divine Reality and from that attitude of prayer, direct your life towards the deep things in life, the deep values, so that you know that life can indeed be good and beautiful, not just for you but for others as well, and try not to let advantages play a part in this. It is important to be open to the weak members of society, wherever in the world, without making too many demands on yourself, but fostering a beautiful vision and a braveness in your heart, and wielding a new possibility in your life to bring things to expression of which you know ‘I have had to fight for this myself, but now I know what it means and I can in this way share my concerns with others and allow others to share their concerns with me’ and from that openness, try and do good things. In the first place for people who are very near, and possibly also for a few people on the other side of the world. But it should always stay practical/feasible, it should be beautiful and it should be good, and innerly you can know that this makes you indeed open up more to the Divine Reality in life.” Master Morya © Geert Crevits,


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