June 2008

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Gardening is working while you keep faith that the seeds will sprout and the plants will grow. A small group of people is working on Master Morya’s books in the same way, trusting that the flowers of their spadework will one day bring precious joy to many people in many countries. In other words, the work continues, unseen, unnoticed. Many thanks to all the keen gardeners of Morya’s heart. eRegards from Lydia

Full moon meditation 18th June 2008

Master Morya,

There can be difficulties in your life, things that are difficult to manage, because you think “I have to do my best for this and that and that thing, and this and that situation, and I’m not succeeding”. Then you shouldn’t get insecure. It’s not because something comes into your life which is difficult at first, that you have to give up or think “I can’t handle this.” It is very important for you to look at your life calmly, not as you would wish it to be one day, but as it is, today. Look “what is the issue which is difficult for me personally?” And then don’t immediately get others involved in that, but try to feel “I am indeed willing to concentrate on my own life, on what is difficult, without running away from it.” Slowly you will feel that this is making you more calm under the difficult circumstances and that you can clearly feel: “there is a way to do my best today.” And when you live that one day in a good, calm and correct way, there’s every chance that you will learn to differentiate what is truly important from what is much less important.

Then don’t assume that you have to settle everything right away. Realize that there are things which you are gradually learning to understand about yourself, about the circumstances, and that you can begin with deciding your attitude in a calm way. “How do I want to see this and that problem, how do I want to regard this or that person?” Not “what do I want the other to do?” but rather “How can I, under these circumstances, still live my own life? Without assuming that there is anything I have to change, but knowing that I have to stay firmly on my feet to bring things to peace and to see what I can and what I can’t.”

Suppose that there is indeed a problem which you personally can’t solve on your own, then there is still time to go and ask some advice from someone whom you can trust and who is worthy of your trust. Don’t rely on anyone and everyone – listen in a good way to your life and from that point, try to make a small step in the right direction. Slowly things will clear up, difficulties will become clearer and then they can be solved, smoothed out calmly.

When in the difficulties of everyday life things come forward and you can’t cope with them, then don’t panic. Think in a quiet way about what your life can be, but from your own point of view, from what you do in the first place. And if you are not capable of doing that, then from out of the act of speaking, from out of the feeling of “I want to discuss this or that with this or that person, and I know, he or she can help me for a certain, small part.” There is a reasonableness in your heart, and it is good to connect with that, and not to ask for impossibilities, neither from yourself nor from others, and try to be calm in what you do. Master Morya.
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