Full moon May 2008

Dearest eNews reader,

Here it is, Master Morya’s full moon text, in these intensely important days of realization for all of us. We are supported by the Master, that’s for sure, to do things, to invent and carry out projects, for a more beautiful world. Let your mind spin at full speed, be creative, loving, adventurous. The sky is the limit! eRegards from Lydia

Full moon meditation 20th May 2008

Master Morya,
It is good to do things that are obvious, for which you don’t have to make an effort, but of which you know: “if I do it, it is good for me as well as for others”. Because gradually this will allow you to come into a permanent significance, and that the orientation of your life can be corrected.
When you go along with the flow of your life, when you feel ‘this is good, this is important, this is nice’, then you can gradually introduce small modifications to do things even better. But you shouldn’t aim to do things in a way which could gratify your ego; you have to do things in a natural way, knowing ‘my heart is happy with what I do’.
It’s very important to be in a balance, to do right things, to live with joy in your heart, because you know ‘what I do is good and I am and remain honest with myself’.
Try to be reasonable towards other people, but don’t let anything slip. When you feel inside ‘this is important’, then carry on, because it’s by doing things in a correct way that you become more calm, and eventually you can let go of your ego by looking at what is good not only for you, but also for others, and by being happy with what God is showing you in your day-to-day life.
Don’t run away from your situation, but look at what you can do with a deep honest feeling, and be happy with your life. Innerly you will be comforted when times are tough, but don’t go looking for that solace. You will learn to do good things, and from out of that your life will become good. Master Morya.
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The MAYIL newsletter exists in Dutch since 2001, in English since last September, and from this month onwards we have it in Polish as well! Master Morya has been known in Poland for a very very long time, but we are nevertheless very happy to be able to share our contact with the Master with the Polish people.

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