October 2008


Dearest eNews reader,
“In your heart…” says MM so often. Master Morya makes it very hard for me to write an introduction. There is just nothing I can add to his message, there is nothing I can think of which isn’t already there. I can only carry on my ‘precious’ life and look what will end up in my plate today. I trust that God will help me; preferably I would – if I can – silence my mind and listen to my heart. This is what I wish for all of you too and I trust that we will succeed in doing that. eRegards from Lydia


Full moon meditation 14th October 2008

Master Morya,

“In your heart you can find a key to allow some things to matter to you in your life. And it’s important that you don’t constantly strive for all kinds of things around you, but that you try to reach unity in yourself. From time to time, wonder, “what do I want?” And then when there is an opportunity to make some things good, do it. Don’t miss any opportunity to make your life good because then you are making strong decisions in your life. Accept that your heart knows what you want.

When your are anchored deeply in life, good things will come from that, not only for yourself but for others as well. Don’t be too fussy when it comes to what others say and do, but live your own life and be honest to yourself. When you are anchored deeply in yourself, life is easier. Don’t attach yourself to externals. Don’t look for the difficulties of the world, but look at your own life and be correct in what you do and be happy with your life.

Innerly, a lot of major shifts will happen because you will clearly feel, ‘when I am honest I am indeed able to cope with everything and then I know how to deal with the everyday difficulties. I don’t let material things hoodwink me but I look in my life at what is important. Not only for today but for my life.’ And slowly you will feel that you ar reaching a balance, that some tragicness is leaving your life, that you are making an effort to attain good things and that you dare to make important steps in your existence.

Life is not always simple, but it is important. And your personal life too is very important, precious. Be sparing with difficulties but live in your own life and live the good things. Innerly you will be happy with your life and a number of things will be brought to clarity and a number of things will be brought forward in an unmistakably good way because you know, ‘this is what I have to do, this is my duty to myself and precisely because of that to others as well.’

Innerly you might be disconcerted about what is happening with the world, but you shouldn’t go along with that. Be careful not to take any risks, not in any field, but live your own life.” Master Morya © Geert Crevits, www.morya.org


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