July 2009


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This month’s reflection is a remarkable text of masterly wisdom and beauty. It is the reply to a question asked during a ‘Morya day’ held in Antwerp on 21st June 2009, about all that can be found on the internet concerning what is called the great transformations happening at this moment. Whether Master Morya can say something about this subject? In other words, “How can we better cooperate with the great changes taking place on this Earth in this New Age?” The answer was translated literally for you below. Warm e-regards from Lydia


Master Morya,

“The steep manner of progress in this world at this time is fierce enough to indeed study it with concentration. And then the only possible question is, “What do I want to do?” And this question is naturally very, very important. But don’t wish for another life than the life you have now, because this life that is there now for you, is very important and indeed it is at the height of reality, because you live now. And this is always true, but this ‘now’ is very important concretely. Don’t run ahead of time. Not by means of a time machine, not in your thoughts, with your feelings - don’t. Live today. And do your best today from out of the energy of love. Because this is what brings the transformation and the understanding of the transformation. If you are without love you will never be able to catch the train of change. But if you love in an intense way, first and foremost in your personal life – your people, your friends, the people who depend on you, the people at your work – then you are contributing to the transformation in an honest way. You will become more intuitive, richer, riper. And it gives you the key to all possible insights.

Be true to yourself, love what you do. These seem simple things, but at the same time they hold the key to the greater reality which for sure is coming in your direction too. Don’t set a time on it, don’t think, ‘by that time this or that or that should happen’, this is impossible. It also doesn’t lie in the hands of only a few people who are supposedly in control. It lies embedded in the hearts of each and every one. Every being on this Earth is important, and I specifically say, every being. Not only the spiritual beings of the people, but also of animals, plants and so on. Every being is important. And on this whole Earth there are different regions that respond totally different to the so-called transformations which are brought into movement by the Masters and which will eventually get their response here and there. It’s one big puzzle of developments which can differ from country to country and even from region to region from out of the developments that are practically anchored in the soil to eventually become a radiant reality on this Earth. The whole Earth calls and begs for changes. And every person could indeed be a part of it, but from out of a personal commitment in their concrete life.

Every person is part of the heart chakra of this world. If you are loving, then more energy comes to this Earth through the heart chakra. And this is what eventually determines the rhythm of the transformation. It’s the people who will take part in this transformation, through their rich and ripe commitment – because they know, ‘we choose in our concrete lives to be loving, to take part in the great knowledge that is brought towards us’. The loving Gods are also cooperating in this whole transformation, because it is Them who have asked for the changes. It’s firstly the great Saints on this Earth who have been called upon to make it happen. That’s why the great Masters, the Avatars are on this Earth to steer everything in the right direction. But the work is gigantic, it’s a big work. And it also means that the people are helped and guided wherever they are. You should have the courage to open your heart for those great Beings, for the great reality, for the light which is sent to this Earth, and surrender to God where possible.

When people are being difficult, don’t go against these difficulties, don’t think, ‘I have to solve this difficulty’. Don’t start arguments about all kinds of affairs which could have to do with the Earth, because this leads to distinction. And in reality man should be able to find man. Love should find love. People should support each other beyond boundaries, from out of an honest search. From out of the daily awareness of ‘this is what we’re doing’. It calls for responsibility, each in their own place, in their own way. It calls for becoming conscious of your life. It calls for going forward individualized, for not denying yourself, for not going off the rails on thoughts of others which could supposedly be important.

Transformation is an essential process primarily of attention and concentration on the great values of life which you can allow into your own life, which you can give shape in your own responsible way. Be good to your people, be good to animals and plants. Be intensely busy and know that you can indeed call for the Angels and the greater Beings who are around this Earth, the beloved Gods of this Earth.

But eventually the Light will conquer – for there is opposition too. There are people who do not wish to be set on that track, sometimes even massively. This doesn’t mean that they are unwilling, but they don’t understand the changes, and yet these have to come.

It will be the youth who makes the big steps on this Earth. The young people will bring along new energies with them because they carry them in themselves. It’s the children who are born that will realize the great transformations because they have been prepared for this and because they are now conquering their fears as it were – for in the other worlds too there have been preparations which aren’t always pretty to see, but they are nevertheless real. Large areas are being closed down so that they cànnot go along in the changes anymore, but all of this is in God’s plans. You needn’t worry at all, it is guided. And don’t think, ‘I have a special responsibility’, because then you miss the ball. Everyone’s special responsibility is to be good in his or her own life and to go forward in a responsible manner. Don’t run away from your life." Master Morya.

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