June 2009


Dearest eNews reader,

Master Morya hit the nail on the head yet again as far as I’m concerned, and truly more people will experience this message as if made especially for them. I assume that the people who are receiving this newsletter accept the inner worlds as reality and know and always know and never forget that they are not alone, never alone, and that there are many beautiful and promising things in life. The feeling of happiness goes up and down, circumstances go back and forth, but in the brave hearts joy and calm can be found amidst the greatest storms… E-regards from Lydia


Master Morya's message for the full moon of June

Master Morya,

“When you carry a concern in your heart about things which are important, when you know, “I should be able to do more”, then you should nevertheless take care not to ask too much of yourself nor of others. Take your time and give time to each other. It is important not to fuss, not even in small things, but to dare to be calm and to know that your worry can be big, that difficulties can indeed vary in the course of time, that there can also be great difficulties in your life, but that you should try to make yourself not fuss about the difficulties. Innerly you will be able to avoid painful issues, you will be able to be happy with your life and the things which have been good and you will be able to cherish those good things in your heart.

It is important to have the courage to be precise in small matters if they are important. But not in a way that you rush yourself or others and think “we don’t have enough time for this, there is too little time for that”. You should be happy inside with your life and live from out of that joy, try to decide things from out of that joy.

Don’t assume that you have to be able to cope with everything always and every time, no. There can be tough moments, but that doesn’t mean that you should be desperate about your life. You will be able to share more and more worries amongst each other, you will create clarity for yourself, you will learn to see through difficulties and know that there are not only difficulties to deal with but that you can also have those beautiful, intimate and powerful moments that you can cherish and be happy about, and this is what makes out the richness of your life.

When some things are hard, don’t worry about it, because this too will lead to a certain maturity and a certain renewal of content in your life. Don’t be angry at the world, don’t be angry with the others, but do your own thing and know that you can go forward in a good way. Never despair.” Master Morya

© Geert Crevits, www.morya.org


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