January 2010


Dearest eNews readers,

When I see that MM always gives so much attention to the practical personal daily issues in his monthly reflections, then this is probably because spiritual people can use some encouragement and support. In this hyper-material world, it’s easier not to always look for the depth of your life. Everything is regulated for you, the care for your health is forcibly taken out of your hands, your food is pre-improved and –chewed and any empty moments are inexorably filled up. Brainwash versus the freedom of the heart. That is where the beloved Master wants to help us. E-regards from Lydia

Meditation for the full moon of 30th January 2010:

Master Morya,

It might be that – within the concerns you carry in your heart – you see a lot of bright spots, yet don’t act upon them. In fact you should try to be correct in small issues and not so much try to work out the grand design, feeling like ‘this is it then’. But try to take a small step back every once in a while, to look at “Am I organising my life in the right way so that I can go through my day today in a pleasant manner?”

And it’s not like you owe it to yourself to go forward in every single detail, but you do have to take a number of things on your shoulders. Things of which you know, ‘if I don’t do them, I risk becoming sloppy and I would slide down towards a kind of nostalgia, a kind of no longer understanding myself.’ Because when you bring order in your life, in small things, then you can draw joy from those little things, you can avoid unrest, you can reach sublime things and you can truly learn to do something with your life in a disciplined way. You need this occasionally because when you are making a good job of something, this brings real relaxation.

When you are doing good things in a practical manner, so you know ‘I am taking my life into my hands and I am making it into something beautiful, something good in a concrete manner’, then you are re-creating your life and you are making it more and more clear and this makes that you can be joyous with yourself. It’s not good to let yourself glide down towards undefined, vague feelings, where you don’t know what they mean to you. No, you should occupy yourself with specific issues, with virtuous things, and have the inner sense of ‘this is what I truly want’, and then a lot of beautiful things will happen within your aspirations, things that signify that you are imposing limits on the bitterness that can also be there.

When some things are difficult to you, don’t make them into big issues. Calmly look at: “What can I do today? What warms my heart, what is important?” Innerly you will be able to open up more and more to others because you realise ‘my life too is straightening itself out more and more.’ Master Morya

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