March 2010


Dearest eNews readers,

Wonderment at the forsythia’s yellow fireworks, or the starlike carpet of wood anemones. Amazement before the warble of the shy goldcrest. Marvelling at the sensation of subtle vibration in the woods. I don’t need to see everything, I don’t have to understand everything, I move my thoughts into my heart and from there I look into the worlds. eRegards from Lydia

Meditation for the full moon of 30th March 2010:

Master Morya,

It is good to occasionally come into an accuracy with your life. The feeling, ‘I do my best and I see what is possible in this and that and that direction.’ And when you rely upon certain intuitions, the sensitivity of your heart may reach ever greater clarities because you feel what is possible and what isn’t. You don’t have to do your utmost best to be in the right or to try and do things in the right way. Just look at ‘what is my heart telling me about this or that situation?’ And then be honest with yourself and try to stand up for other people’s right too when it is there.

It’s not good to do everything in every direction and for everybody, because this is too much, and it also entails too much. Try and be selective. Take care of the people living close to you in the first place, where you feel ‘I can be of some importance to them’, because this brings about a change in your life, a meaning which perhaps wasn’t there before and which now brings along an ever greater clarity. It is good to strive for balance, for a force which is important, for the feeling, ‘this is how I have to act, in this or that direction.’ Innerly this might just make some things become important, because you feel, ‘indeed I want to go forward in my own way and I see that this and that is possible.’

Great meanings can come into your life because you devote your heart to your higher Self, to the deeper force in your life, to the confidence that can be there to indeed shape your path with this Self, from out of this Self. It’s not good to be idle and to feel like ‘it doesn’t matter to me what it is I do’, because this doesn’t work.

You might have inner difficulties to take a number of steps in the near future, because you think, ‘this might be something too big for me, this step might be too big’. Then it is wise indeed to take small steps and to be aware of where you stand. It is very important what you can do. Try to be calm in yourself. Master Morya

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