May 2010


Dearest eNews reader,

I recently met a French lady and her 8-year old handicapped boy. The little one said to his mother, “I came to you because I saw your light.” I thought, ‘waw, I’m witnessing the New Age right here and now.’ To meet like-minded people across borders, what a joy! I can see and feel what Morya is describing in His books. The world is shaking and trembling and yet there is the fierce glow of so much beauty, so much hope, so much power in the hearts of people. Warm eRegards from Lydia

Meditation for the full moon of 28th May 2010:

Master Morya,

The cause of different conflicts can lie within yourself – that you’re afraid to be explicit and clear towards others and that as a consequence, others disregard and brush aside what you are really saying. But in yourself, you know that you sometimes have a road to travel. That this road is important, and even though others cannot understand this, it’s good to be steady and firm, to reach clarity for yourself, to have the courage to be objective during conflicts, and to dare to experience things for yourself in a beautiful way so that you can make a distinction between things that come from the other and things that come from you.

In yourself, you know that there are certain things which you hàve to do in your life, it is written in your life as a task, and that this has a very great and deep meaning, so that in the truth of your life you can also situate your concern for others better and better, in a way that you feel, ‘this suits me, this belongs with me, this is important.’

Don’t always be honest in a way that others are unable to understand you, because you might expect too much of them, demand too much, and this makes you stand outside of yourself. In truth, you should try to be careful with what you say, but still dare to be clear, and in yourself you know that the road which you travel can also lead to strictness, to beauty, to enforced action, that you clearly feel, ‘this is the way I want to go, this is important.’

People can be annoying or troublesome, and you don’t have to along with this because it has no meaning. Your own life has a great, deep and precious value and if you dare to experience it like that then others can only take this as an example, but you will be the one who will eventually reap the fruits – that you know, ‘look, I did my best, I did my job, I was positive and there are things which I could find important.’ And you have to know, those who do important things, come into a life that is blessed, that opens itself to a larger dimension and that also gives others the occasion to draw in things in their life that are important and beautiful.

Be honest with yourself, be clear towards others, never do too much because there’s no point in taking others in tow and then thinking, ‘now they should follow me.’ No, each and everyone should dare to go their own way, but for the good of everyone. Because if you express things in truth, then others will also be able to profit from it in a calm way if they want to.

Whatever your road is, you will be able to support others to the extent that you reach into the depth and feel that you are making contact with your own being, with your own deeper self. Be honest and be loyal to yourself and do good things. Master Morya

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