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July 2011


Dearest eNews reader,

The inner reality, the inner beauty MM is talking about in this moon meditation is something we really got to know better because of Laura, youngest child of Geert and Lydia. She has an extra chromosome and was announced and guided for us long before she was born by numerous dreams and experiences from those very inner worlds MM talks about so often. In this eNews you will find a link to the first part of the travel account of Laura's trip to India, under special circumstances this time. But traveling is always a bit special of course. Sunny eRegards - enjoy the summer... and this newsletter. Lydia.

Message for the full moon of 15th July 2011

Master Morya,

It's important to try to be constructive in your life, not to feel like you are being lived in a passive way, but daring to intervene in certain processes of your existence. When you have inner peace with your life, it's good to set a number of things in order, in the feeling that when peace is in your life, you can make it stronger. And it is important to reach a balance, to do things which are good and beautiful and important, where you feel, 'my soul can get something from that.' Because you shouldn't live just by your body, but through your thinking, your feelings, your knowing you should dare to pose some things which go deeper than everything that surrounds you and which can give you the feeling that there is a deep reality within your life.

It is important to occupy yourself with beautiful things, because this gives you that contact with your inner self. It makes that you have the courage to live a certain originality, to believe in a certain originality and from out of this experience, you can allow numerous new things/renewals in your life. Because when you are doing good and beautiful things, you can reach self confidence, you can know, 'I can have my life, I can deal with my life.' And despite the difficulties you can reorientate yourself and continue to orient yourself towards things which are beautiful, good and important. This allows you to have those things available which can be brought in the correct perspective. You feel like, 'this is truly how I should live, this is how I should be,' and then you are able to go forward in n authentic way.

Try to be busy in an inner way. Don't attach your liking too much to external things, unless a component of inner context is connected to them. And it is important to know what you want. Stand in life with deep feelings, occupy yourself with beautiful things and know in your heart, 'this is indeed the fruit of my searches, this is the possibility that has come into my life and despite difficulties I know I can go forward in my own way.' It is important to have the courage to live your own life and to let the goodness which is present prevail. This will bring the opportunity to settle numerous matters, until you feel, 'I really am taking my life out of Gods hand and I understand that I can do good things and that I can reach a balance, that I can be in balance.' You shouldn't be afraid of situations which have occurred and which were difficult, because you will get over them. Master Morya

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Laura in India - a travel account

Laura doesn't talk as we do, but she can communicate with a letter board if she's given support for her hand; 'facilitated communication' this is calles, or 'telepathy' as we call it. She usually does this kind of talking with her sister Marie. During the trip we noted some things down (however, noting down is not something we always do, because who writes down everything that is being said? Still, because her words are rare and sometimes very meaninful, they mean a lot to us. Otherwise you keep asking yourself 'what is going on in that child?' How it is for her, not being able to talk, that's something else. Not easy for both parties).

For this travel account, we showed our pictures to Laura (who has a very good memory, she hardly ever forgets anything in fact). What Laura said during the trip or afterwards as comment to the photos is marked in a blue box. We meant to make this diary from the start, that's we have a lot of pictures of Laura.

To read the first part of the travel account of Laura's journey to India,
go to > Laura & Mom


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