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July 2012


Dearest eNews reader,

Yes, I certainly want to dedicate myself to the beauty of life (read below) and gladly take up Master Morya’s advice to be able to have a life like the one described here. And I wish the same for you this summer, dearest eNews readers. Regards from Lydia


Full Moon Meditation for 3rd July 2012

Master Morya,

In life, it’s important to dare to be calm, to slow down, not keeping busy with everyone and everything but taking time out for yourself, to take account of a number of things within you; in other words to see, “Is it correct for me to continue with this and that or are there things that should perhaps be done differently, things that should be structured? Am I ready to take the small steps in my life that will lead me to balance, beauty, freedom?”

There is much that can be very deeply meaningful in your life and it’s good to occasionally tap into that deepness, very consciously, not bobbing on the waves of superficiality, not thinking, ‘I’m satisfied with everything,’ but to dare to be calm, so that you can judge the situations and see yourself within those situations.

Have the courage to gather some beneficent ideas, ideas that make you feel, ‘this means something to me.’ And it’s good to attain certain insights that don’t cause you to fragment but, instead, lead you to unity. Now and then, jot something down for yourself so that you know, ‘these are focus points, starting points I can use to better organize my life, to go deeper into my life.’ There can be wonderful moments of friendship, of honesty, of beauty; dare to long for such moments and dare to be good for people, dare to stand in the world with an open view and a pleasant responsibility.

There may be things in your life that you really don’t want. Examine these things until you feel there might be a way out of certain difficult situations and you know, ‘look, I’m really working on my life so that I can ultimately become a happy and free person, living life openly and honestly. I dedicate myself to the beauty of life.’ Master Morya

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International news

New books released - report of our trip to UK



Martine and Marie’s first trip to the UK was very successful. Only half an hour after visiting our first bookshop in Glastonbury, our beautiful books were already on display in their shop window. We received an enthusiastic reaction from several bookshops, including ‘The Chalice Well’, amongst others.





In London we were the guests of Sofie, a Belgian girl who has had many years’ experience with Master Morya and the books. She’s planning to start a Morya book club in London next month. If you’re interested in coming together at regular times to talk about and discuss Master Morya words in "A Deeper Sense of Life” and “Simplicity”, then you’re very welcome to ‘join the club’. Please contact Sofie at her email address: sofiegauri (at)

We’re planning another visit to London this coming October. Geert will be hosting a small Morya programme where he will deliver a live telepathic message, give a talk and answer questions. If you’re interested in helping us in anyway with this upcoming visit or if you would like to attend the programme, don’t hesitate to contact us! marie (at)

Morya Wisdom 1: A deeper sense of life

A deeper sense of life
Morya Wisdom 1

Second edition
Softcover - 192 pages
ISBN 978-90-75702-23-1

Morya Wisdom 2: Simplicity

Morya Wisdom 2

Softcover - 216 pages
ISBN 978-90-75702-50-7

17 USD - 10.5 GBP - 14 EUR
Free shipping around the world!

Please order your copy by mail: marie (AT)

Report of our trip to Poland

At the end of May Geert and Marie traveled to Szczecin, in the west of Poland, and then to Warsaw. In both cities a group of some 30 people were able to receive answers to all sorts of questions and hear explanations about the workings of life and how a human being functions. Every now and then Master Morya would come through with a message. Geert spoke in English, with a Polish translation. Everyone seemed very delighted with these words of wisdom and the practical meditation exercises. As usual, there was no time left over for sightseeing!


^ The programme in Szczecin's yoga school ^

^ The programma in Warsaw (by coincidence in a school building as well) ^

As they left the programme, everyone received a copy of the first Morya book published in Polish, “Morya Wisdom 1”, to take home to read. Since then we’ve received plenty of good feedback. We’ve collected a few of the remarks here for you, which we’ve translated into English.

“I’ve already read the book three times and every time I discovered something new. It has an amazing energy. It has a lot of practical advice for life and love. I read many books but this one is really exceptional; one of a kind.”

"At first I couldn’t grasp what was in this book. It was a bit unclear for me, undefined. But after some time, my mind opened and now this book has really changed the way I look at everything around me. It contains simple advice as well as deep mystical wisdom. It helps one to realize the niceties of life and to gain balance. When you read these words you can feel life in them.”

"This book is really a gift from heaven for me, and especially a gift from Master Morya. As I was reading it I became aware of his presence. Every sentence resonates with deep wisdom, advice and challenge. The energy that emanates from the words works on me in different ways. Ever since I’ve been reading this book, and going back to it time and time again, I’ve noticed changes in my life. Being led by that specific energy, a mixture of guidance, challenge and love, I feel that this is one of those books that will be accompanying me throughout my life.”

“This is an exceptional book. The words of great masters are not only theory but carry a powerful energy that transforms our lives. And I’ve noticed that this is really happening. Master Morya has shown me how easily things can change in life and in the way I think. His words are very deep and supportive. If you really like Master Morya, he can show you what life really is.”

The English version of “Morya Wisdom 1” is available from Mayil Publishing House
(with free shipping around the world).



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