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June 2012


Dearest eNews reader,

Long-term vision twitter: “I’m busy,” says the mountain spirit. “I do what I must do,” says the deep lake. “I am covered in flowers,” says the golden chain tree. “I’m next,” says the Wisteria. “I wash all thoughts clean,” says the storm. “I make consciousness grow,” says the sun. “I remain focused on my path,” says man, and he goes on and on and on. eRegards from Lydia


Meditation for the full moon of 4th June 2012

Master Morya,

It’s good to try and be reasonable in every direction. Don’t feel like you have to go to extremes. Because there can be things which are reasonably important and then when you get to the feeling that you have to spend time on this or that or that, you suddenly think, ‘I have to drop everyting because I need to do this first and this has to change radically and this should be good and this should be so-and-so.’ There are a lot of opportunities for overreacting. In fact you should try to look at the entirety of your life every now and then, to bring matters into a certain equilibrium. And it is good to get your heart’s advice in that. Not so much feel like, ‘I have to understand everything with my mind. No, I have to make some room as it were, within my endeavours I have to make some space for myself the way I feel inside.’

It is good to be reasonable and not to have the idea, ‘everything should be possible in an instant.’ Don’t force yourself, but see the big outlines of your life and especially try to avoid a number of complexities which have been introduced into your life because of some commitments you made but looking back you’re not happy with that. It can be that you envisage important things yet never seem to get to the point of taking steps in that direction. Try to do this in a good and reasonable manner, so you know, ‘I try to avoid extremes, but I dare to give more and more space to my deeper self to get things in order in my life because I feel: my life is good, but my life can also be short and I have to get to that which is truly important in my existence.’

Within yourself you might have some sighs, a feeling of ‘I’m not getting ahead because every time I decide something, I think it’s not good, or it’s only halfway there, or it should have been different.’ That’s why you should occasionally take the time to look at yourself, to dare and somewhat change the orientation you’re in. In a short period of time you can bring together a number of elements which could indeed be inspiring a number of changes which perhaps have been waiting for you for a long time.

It is very important for you to have the courage to be reasonable. That means that you dare to avoid extremes, but you do commit to do good things and to take certain decisions from the honesty of your heart. Every now and then, take some time to overlook things in a quiet way and then see what you can do in this or that direction. Never force anything, but dare to do some things of which you feel, ‘it makes my heart jump, it stirs up my love. It gives more ground, more substance to my idea that things can be important and I dare to bring things in order for myself.’
You don’t need to be bitter concerning situations from the past. Try to work out certain matters in a good and loving way, and know: you are good people. Master Morya

Copyright © Geert Crevits,


International news

New book(s) in English!

Morya Wisdom 2, Simplicity is to be released mid June. Unlike this newsletter, Master Morya's books are translated by a native English speaker and professional translator. Just like the first Morya Wisdom book, A deeper sense of life, this second book is a gem.

Simplicity is an enthralling book in which Master Morya talks about numerous interesting subjects such as asking questions, the inner world, getting a grip on life, how to deal with past and future, initiation, the Master on your path, how to become free of your parents, about pregnancy, the human will, the Earth's energy within us, life and death, the body and addiction, the heart, the transformation of the body, the transformation of the mind, the happiest couples, how to deal with the world, ... and much, much more.

Morya Wisdom 1 - A deeper sense of life -------- Morya Wisdom 2 - Simplicity

At the same time, the sold out A deeper sense of life is being reprinted in a new edition. Both books will be high quality softcovers now, glued and sewn.

A Deeper Sense of Life
Morya Wisdom 1
Second edition, 2012
Translated from Dutch
Copyright © Geert Crevits
Softcover - 192 pages - ISBN 978-90-75702-23-1
17 USD - 10.5 GBP - 14 EUR
+ free shipping around the world!

Morya Wisdom 2
Translated from Dutch
Copyright © Geert Crevits
Softcover - 216 pages - ISBN 978-90-75702-50-7
17 USD - 10.5 GBP - 14 EUR
+ free shipping around the world!
Release 15th June 2012

Please order your copy by mail: marie (AT)


Morya Wisdom 1 in Polish


During our trip to Poland this week (30th May - 3rd June), we will have the honour of presenting Master Morya's first Polish book (published with thanks to our friends of the Polish Morya team). It is the translation of Morya Wisdom 1: A deeper sense of life. The Polish title will be "Głębszy sens życia"; it will be sold for 30 złotych.



Master Morya wants Geert to visit UK in September to talk about Master Morya and to give some live messages. Geert is an enthralling speaker who can explain deep spiritual matters simply yet expressively. There isn't a question he cannot answer.

Marie is planning to travel to UK in June to prepare for this trip. If anyone has contacts in UK or wishes to invite or help us, please tell us through marie(a) (replace (a) by @). Thank you so much!



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