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March 2012


Dearest eNews reader,

People have always been wondering about being ill; they are afraid of becoming ill, they want to get rid of their disease or they see it as something beneficial. With the flu going round our country, I would like to share this saying by Ramakrishna:
"Disease is the tax which the soul pays for the body, as the tenant pays house-rent for the use of the house."
eRegards from Lydia

Reflection on the occasion of the full moon of 8th March 2012:

It's not that you have to judge your own life and say, "It's good," or "it's bad." No, be open to changes, be open to your own life and take into account changes as well.

Every time something like a force goes through you, you can know that you are doing well. Forces are there to lead you. Every force comes from God and whatever the force, it comes to you to place you in a kind of movement. Whether you call this force good or bad doesn't make a difference.

There is something in the Divine that knows everything, controls everything, is involved with everything. That which you call 'bad', is a school, something which brings you further. And what you call 'good', is something which educates you all the time in a different way. Because both good and bad are in the hands of God.

It is God who determines what happens with your life, because He is the one who loves you infinitely. He is the one who carries you, He is the one who feeds you, He is the one who knows you, who loves you eternally. He is always busy with you and without Him you would not be able to be on this earth. You are in His hands and everything is possible. Whatever happens, think of the Divine, of the light and particularly open your heart to this light. Master Morya

(Excerpt from Morya Precious 1: "The Earth as Being")

Copyright © Geert Crevits,


Master Morya wants Geert to visit UK in September to hold a few meetings and talk about Master Morya and His words and to give a few live messages. Geert is an enthralling speaker who can explain deep spiritual matters simply yet expressively. There isn't a question he cannot answer.

Marie is planning to travel to UK in June to prepare for this trip. By that time, the first two books will be printed in English.
If anyone has contacts in UK or wishes to invite or help us, please tell us through marie(a) (replace (a) by @). Thank you so much!

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