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New Year / January 2012


New Year's wish 2012 (and message for the full moon of 9th January 2012):

Master Morya,

Peace can come into your heart when you see things happening which are important for you personally too, where you know, 'I open myself to the Divine power, I'm honest with myself and I have the courage to be there for people.' Know that it is good to be together with others in a spiritual project; that there can be things you work out for yourself in a calm and pleasant way.

Don't go looking for extremes in the first times. Let the world be the world. Know that great new shifts will be occuring here and there, but that your own life is also very interesting and important and that things can happen there which are exceptionally beautiful because you know, 'I have learnt to love life, because I have seen that for some people life is short, even very short, and that I really need to give my attention, almost every day, to what is important.' Know that your commitment can also have a great significance to others. A smile, a beneficent recognition of things, a sympathy in things that matter,... And it can happen that people can no longer really determine their perspective, while you yourself start to have the idea 'this is possible, and that is important as well, and I also want to give some time to this.'

There can come moments of deep peace, of deep calm, and you need these. Know that the world is experiencing a great reversal, a great change, and that not everything is going according to what one could wish. But there are also people who are still doing things in a passionate and good way. Associate yourself with people who are growing spiritually and who make life good and beautiful. And know: the Earth needs your power too. It is important to be honest with yourself and to do good things and from there, you will also receive My blessing. Don't worry, I am with you. Master Morya

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Dearest eNews reader,

We send you this year's New Year's message from Master Morya with as much pleasure as eleven years ago!

Geert, Lydia, Marie and Laura are wishing you a spiritual, loving and happy New Year.


We are moving away from the little house in the woods which was all in all too dark and too moist, to go and live in a house by the road in a village further down, with more sunlight and more space. Very grateful for the intense three years in the presence of old trees and a whole range of animals and plants. Their expressiveness will result in a set of cards and booklet, called 'Initiation' (in Dutch, by Lydia).

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