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November 2012


Dearest eNews readers,

Over the years there have been thousands and thousands of personal messages from Master Morya; so many people who had the opportunity to receive so much through Geert.

Each of the 42 three half-day courses will be made into a book, as well as the innumerable general messages that are so full of information and wisdom on how to live a beautiful spiritual life and create a fine spiritual environment.

Living with God involves a lot more joy than troubles. It also makes it much easier to undertake things, to find a great purpose in life and to feel infinite gratitude for each and every moment, for each and every person. This, in a nutshell, is perhaps what Master Morya is wanting to teach us. E-regards from Lydia


Meditation for the full moon of 28th November 2012
(Excerpt from Morya course 41)

Master Morya,

From time to time it's good to take stock of your life and ask yourself: What brings me into balance? Without is my purpose in life without having to make outrageous efforts for it? What is it that empowers me? What do I enjoy doing?  What do I think is interesting? What do I deem to be important? These are questions that will actually clarify the purpose.

Because if you aren't careful it may well be  that you will end up wandering about aimlessly, doing a little of this and a little of that, a bit like this and a bit like that and having this recurring sense of:  "This is not really my life". This is why, every now and then, you need to be bold and cultivate the feeling : "Now I'm going to do my own thing, even if perhaps it goes against the wishes of others, it doesn't really matter all that much."

Whenever you're doing good and keep on doing good, then this will surely be noticed.  You need not convince anyone of it, least of all yourself.  Just go for it.  Just do whatever you feel is important deep within your heart, just do it.  Don't keep putting it off; don't look to find excuses.  For it may be that you're becoming quite clever at doing this and are thereby repeatedly deceiving yourself; or you do things that you don't really want to do and end up regretting it later on; or else you think: 'that wasn't right' or 'I should have done it differently.' And so in this way you keep moving around yourself in circles as if it were all something not really very meaningful.

You need to try to understand, to see through this situation, to change it. You should learn to look upon yourself as a significant someone who is capable of doing an important work - for yourself as well as for the other, for the earth, for the world.  Inwardly you know you are able to attune yourself to the divine world, which means constant renewal, time after time, and this is something you also have to learn to see:  'No two moments are ever the same, I need to realize this and in order to realize this I need to be awake.  Each time I ignore this, each time I fail to see this, it can indeed become more difficult for me because then I'll be more inclined to take things on that are not really right for me or that I shouldn't be busy with.' Master Morya

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